Kenny Burns is a Lifestyle Specialist. We've never discussed the actual definition of what a lifestyle specialist is but if you know Kenny and watch Kenny's moves, you get it. Imagine having the ability to connect with all sorts of celebrities and brands that move the needle of pop culture. Getting invites to all of the "Who's Who" type of events and venues but then you meet this guy that does it better than how you thought you were doing it. That's what a Lifestyle Specialist it. That's Kenny.
Oh yeah, and he has GOLDFINGER c.s., Inc. design his shit. #midastouch
The infamous "Kennyhead" Logo
This movie poster design was for Lifestyle Specialist - Kenny Burn's documentary: B.U.R.N.S. "Be Ultimately Realistic and Never Sellout. 
Birthday Passport Invite for Kenny's 36th.
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