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Earth Lover.  Motivator.  Arts Teacher. Creative Product Photographer. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, there is no place that he would rather call home. The nephew of a Congo Player and Singer, the arts held his attention as a young child. As a child, he drew comic books as an outlet for his creativity. One afternoon in a park, a friend placed a camera in his hands.  His first glimpse behind the lens gave him clarity. At that moment, the son of a Civil Engineer and Teacher became a photographer. He worked on his skills and found his niche in Commercial Product Photography. Since then day, he has created and followed his passion for product photography. Demetrius loves to travel to different parts of the country. In his travels, he's seen whales off the coast in Portland, learned to surf blue water on grey dreary days, and has fallen in love with the coast. But put a camera in his hands, and that's when the magic happens.
Evan Williams is redefining caricatures. His aim with these caricature-esque portraits is not to poke fun or demean, but, rather, to honor and pay tribute to cultural icons.
The ultimate goal is to tell a story.
Evan’s story as an artist begins at a very young age. “My mother and father did a really good job of encouraging me and giving me the tools I needed to further myself,” Evan says. “I was always one of those kids who, when given the choice, would stay in the house to draw and paint. I’ve always been a more creative type.”
Evan graduated from the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) and, today, he’s a visual storyteller in the city of Columbus, OH.
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