Creative Gumbo

Well, I call this section "Creative Gumbo" because it's comprised of a bunch of random projects that we've worked on over the years that are cool enough in a bowl with other cool #shit. Plus, my man Mark Scott Carroll says "Everybody Loves Gumbo."

Let's be honest. This bowl of Gumbo looks incredible. #justbeinghonest #lookslikeJesusmadethis
This project was actually a tongue & cheek effort or propaganda piece that was created to cause a little stir and attract new business.
From left to right...
1.) Birthday invite for Chauncey Hamlet's 40th   2.) Poster for Derrty Ent. & SoSo Def Basketball Tournament   3.) Book cover design for New York Times Best Selling Author Lyah LeFlore   4.) Nike poster design for Oshman's Sports Air Pippen release          5.) Book cover design for Prep 101
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